Men I Have Known: Chapter 2

Shaping more than my brows....

Shaping more than my brows….

My very first lover, he was the most judgmental.

It started with my hair.  Too short, he said.

Then my brows.  Untamed, too bushy, he said.

My chest, too flat, of course – he didn’t have to tell me.

Finally…finally…I became what he desired.

And then I killed him.

Sometimes now, in my vanity mirror, I can see his stare still, for his eyes belong to me, you see.  The “he” was once me.  It was he who shaped me…and not just my brows!

Harem Girl (Part 2): Pros and Cons

Which one's the eunuch?

Which one’s the eunuch?

Is it because I was born a boy that I am now Super Rational Girl?  What I mean to say is: Do I still put too much stock in reason as opposed to emotion — always being analytical as opposed to just listening to my newfound woman’s intuition?  Who knows?  

But whatever the explanation, my brain just won’t let me be the bimbo that I want to be!  So as much as I found appealing the idea of actually joining a real-life harem, I quickly made a mental calculation of all the pluses and minuses:

On the plus side, was the money, obviously, that I had been offered.  But perhaps even more enticing was the chance for the uniquely feminine camaraderie being just one of the harem girls — being pledged into a secret sorority, as it were!

A definite minus, however, was the undefined, open-ended nature of what I was getting into — would I be able to leave when I wanted, or was I potentially enslaving myself?  Sex slave sounds sexy…until it’s not!

But before I even got to dress up in my harem costume, or whatever, I would have to have an orchiectomy, my would-be master had insisted.  I’d still be a pre-opt Tgirl, but minus my two balls!  This prospect, too, had its own balance sheet:

On the pro side, no longer would I have to take a daily testosterone blocker.  Henceforth, my good, old faithful estrogen patch would be all I ever need.

On the con side, however, if I ever go through with the actual surgical sex-change, some of the best doctors prefer that the scrotum be fully in tact — providing more material to work with in fashioning a vagina.

And perhaps most important: I think a pre-opt Tgirl, like a candy bar, is just plain sexier with nuts!  That’s yummy me!

Proposed Sex-Change: What Do YOU Think?

Would a bottom with different genitals smell as sweet?

Like Shakespeare’s legendary rose, would a bottom with different petals smell as sweet?

All my life — or at least since my earliest memories as a little boy who wanted to be a little girl — I’ve just assumed that, when the appropriate time came, I would have sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

But who is smart enough to say what the “appropriate time” is exactly?

1.  Is it now, just because I have a “sugar daddy” who will pay for the operation?

2.  Or is it never?  Because, quite simply, I’m having too much fun as a so-called shemale!

3.  Or (final choice): Like the American Congress, I can just “kick the can down the road” and leave the hard decisions for some other time?

What do you think?  Since I seem incapable of deciding myself, I might as well just throw my fate into the hands of my friends and fans.  Kind of like a gangbang….

So please take your pleasure with me and cast a vote….

I will be forever grateful… as well as, I sincerely hope, forever fuckable!