Am I Pretty or Ugly?

A most fuckable hairstyle.

Do you like my hair?

POU? Pretty or Ugly, am I?  Hot or Not?

Girls just old enough to know how to post to YouTube create video selfies posing that question.  Often the responses are so downright cruel as to cause possibly permanent damage to a young girl’s budding identity. As for special girls like me, the only relevant question is much more basic, even base:

Am I fuckable or not?

A more lady-like way of asking the same question is this:

Do you like my hair?

On the subject of hair and fucking, August is the hardest month, what with all the heat and the humidity.  The better, the sweatier the fuck, the more likely my latest trip to the expensive salon is all for naught…my hair, so carefully coiffed and styled, is now ruined, absolutely ruined.  What to do?

Some girls I know invest in satin pillowcases, so they no longer have to worry about frizzy “sex hair.”  The silky fabric won’t rough up your hair like cotton pillowcases do, no matter how rough the play. Another way to accomplish the same end is simply to be the dominating girl on top, so the sweaty sheets won’t ever touch your pretty-perfect locks.

For a girl like me who’s not afraid of a lot of makeup — even using a face primer, which smooths texture, boosts coverage and helps makeup wear better and last longer — I understand there’s a similar product for your hair, called Prime Style Extender.  I think I’ll ask my trusty hairdresser about this, whether it truly can ensure my style lasts through the sexiest of encounters.

Another solution is simple enough: good old-fashioned braids!  Whether your hair’s in cornrows, French braids, or fishtail, you won’t be afraid to get a little wild. Sure braids can get a little messy during your romp, but afterwards when you comb them out, you’ll have a super sexy wavy hairstyle!  All the more sexy given the secret knowledge of the naughtiness you’ve been up to!!

Finally, my favorite: the ponytail. When I throw my hair up in a ponytail, I know I’m ready to get down to business!  And I do mean get down!  It’s the best for giving head.  Your hair’s back away from your face, so even if your guy’s into giving you facials, no cum will goo it up.  And a ponytail gives a guy a convenient handle to push and pull your head to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Besides — and best of all! — a classic ponytail is really cute.

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

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