Proposed Sex-Change: What Do YOU Think?

Would a bottom with different genitals smell as sweet?

Like Shakespeare’s legendary rose, would a bottom with different petals smell as sweet?

All my life — or at least since my earliest memories as a little boy who wanted to be a little girl — I’ve just assumed that, when the appropriate time came, I would have sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

But who is smart enough to say what the “appropriate time” is exactly?

1.  Is it now, just because I have a “sugar daddy” who will pay for the operation?

2.  Or is it never?  Because, quite simply, I’m having too much fun as a so-called shemale!

3.  Or (final choice): Like the American Congress, I can just “kick the can down the road” and leave the hard decisions for some other time?

What do you think?  Since I seem incapable of deciding myself, I might as well just throw my fate into the hands of my friends and fans.  Kind of like a gangbang….

So please take your pleasure with me and cast a vote….

I will be forever grateful… as well as, I sincerely hope, forever fuckable!

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

11 responses to “Proposed Sex-Change: What Do YOU Think?

  1. salim

    I think we need to be yourself and feel good about must be in harmony with your desires and your reality.

  2. Amy Wright

    Hesitate and leave it till next year! (Gives you more time to think about what is best for you!)

  3. If you are enjoying yourself as a shemale, I would remain the same and not have the surgery

  4. Paul Meacham

    If you think the time is right then have it done. Dont leave it until it’s too late

  5. Dennis C Finch

    love is it what you want that matters not some one outher then you an ther is an outher change that can be don an you keep it an recive a pussy under it you might ask about it love

  6. This is a decision that YOU have to make. Fine, get input from others, but it all comes down to what YOU want to do, and if YOU feel it’s the right thing to do at this time.

  7. Dennis C Finch

    love it yours to do as you wish not for some one elce to tell you how to live an there is other way they go under your nut sack give you pussy an yo keep your celty as well then you have best of bouth

    • Jana

      I you want a sex change go ahead and do it. I myself enjoy getting it from behind and love to have oral sex. I would not change for the world. Go ahead and do it, if you think you need to, follow your heart.

      • Al

        Well said. I was not aware there was a procedure that aloud both possibilities! I love the idea of it .
        Thanks for the info! I am now a little less ignorant!

  8. Al

    This of course is ultimately your decision alone and you will be an amazing intelligent beautiful women and person no matter what you do. That said, I (selfishly) hope you choose not to take this step. Genitalia is not what determines your true gender and I actually have a preference for you as you are now but that is about me and not you.
    You should do what you truly want, opinions of others should not determine this major decision.
    Personally I am highly attracted to you and we have never even met so your decision will not change that. I just want you to be happy and without regret.

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