Harem Girl (Part 2): Pros and Cons

Which one's the eunuch?

Which one’s the eunuch?

Is it because I was born a boy that I am now Super Rational Girl?  What I mean to say is: Do I still put too much stock in reason as opposed to emotion — always being analytical as opposed to just listening to my newfound woman’s intuition?  Who knows?  

But whatever the explanation, my brain just won’t let me be the bimbo that I want to be!  So as much as I found appealing the idea of actually joining a real-life harem, I quickly made a mental calculation of all the pluses and minuses:

On the plus side, was the money, obviously, that I had been offered.  But perhaps even more enticing was the chance for the uniquely feminine camaraderie being just one of the harem girls — being pledged into a secret sorority, as it were!

A definite minus, however, was the undefined, open-ended nature of what I was getting into — would I be able to leave when I wanted, or was I potentially enslaving myself?  Sex slave sounds sexy…until it’s not!

But before I even got to dress up in my harem costume, or whatever, I would have to have an orchiectomy, my would-be master had insisted.  I’d still be a pre-opt Tgirl, but minus my two balls!  This prospect, too, had its own balance sheet:

On the pro side, no longer would I have to take a daily testosterone blocker.  Henceforth, my good, old faithful estrogen patch would be all I ever need.

On the con side, however, if I ever go through with the actual surgical sex-change, some of the best doctors prefer that the scrotum be fully in tact — providing more material to work with in fashioning a vagina.

And perhaps most important: I think a pre-opt Tgirl, like a candy bar, is just plain sexier with nuts!  That’s yummy me!

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email: joy.st.james@hotmail.com.

5 responses to “Harem Girl (Part 2): Pros and Cons

  1. Ms Joy way would you wish to have it taken off you have the best of bouth worlds as it is as i was growing up i had dreams of being a girl but not the looks

  2. I personally think that you should keep your balls as what you said at the end is right. TGirls with balls are just yummy and perfect

  3. Did your emotional instinct equal your analytical list of rational pro’s & con’s???
    If so then perhaps “your creative genius” is driven by academia & not artiste’ which is environmental (sic~genius driven by city vs isolation debate) !!!!!
    If you honestly see yourself as a person & not gender specific this may assist in your evolution xx
    Luv your ideology Joyce xxx

  4. I have a very interesting though to share with you Miss … It’s a point I wish to share with you, the writer, but the you that’s your muse will very much enjoy both you the reaction & for them the opportunity!!! Firstly wonderfully written as usual but while the story was you & the gr8 tallywaker conundrum, the actual accolade of the offer, I was am more interested in the sheik & his perception in your world!! He has as many hand chosen beauties as he desires, but he joins the realm of shemale intrigue as we know so he sees mermaid me as worthy of harem status and all it entails, the impact on the current crew & they are all princesses yu no what that entails in grly land, & as the high & all mighty needs you to complete his posse’ slap slap grls, his own personal confrontations by doing so, very strong convictions but he needs you castrated to conform,,,that’s the power yu have & I want to know what you were wearing, yu must have been smoking and did yu ever think that just add to your “clients, friends, patients etc and he goes in your harem not yu in his, the power of shemale ness lmao & it was like in the bev/husband/JSJ gathering, we never got the actual shemale involveds story, crying bev, sex spelled husband, intellectual informed compassionate Joyce but I was shocked to not hear from the person vindicated, burnt at the steak home wrecker 🙂 muse over my musings gorgeous x I look forward to seeing your learnings in future works!! As I saw in your recent picathon x

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