Look at Me

Someone needs a new smartphone!

Someone needs a new smartphone!

To see yourself as others see you?  Or to create the self you want others to see?  Either way, you’re an object — most likely, a sex object!  So how to explain the proliferation of so-called “self-shots” on the Internet?

Two methods are most common: (1) photographing a reflection in the mirror; (2) photographing one’s self with the camera in an outstretched hand.  A third (pre-smartphone) method involves using a traditional camera’s timer or remote-controlled shutter release.

Before photographs there were paintings, of course.  That’s when mirrors — or reflections in things like silver teapots, in 15th Century Europe — to capture one’s own image were first employed.  Interestingly, almost all significant women painters, much more often than their male counterparts, have left examples of self-portraiture.

These self-portraits of artists open a fascinating window, critics have found, into the self-perception of people with psychological issues typically associated with artistic temperaments.

But what of today’s nude or provocatively clad self-portraitists?  What are our psychological issues?

These advertisements for one’s self often convey a strong sense of narrative — as mundane as the style and color of the undies we choose to wear on a particular day to vignettes of fantasy, role-playing, and fiction.

The fact that I am brazenly offering myself up — rather than being secretly seen by a third-party observer/photographer — might make me an even more desirable sex object?

For I’m asking for it, right?

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email: joy.st.james@hotmail.com.

27 responses to “Look at Me

  1. John

    This entire topic is fascinating to me partly because of the way I make a living (behind a camera) and partly because i have and value an intense sense of empathy, a common trait of most photographers.
    You speak about self image as being defined by one of two sexualized possibilities as defined either by yourself or by others. In the context of a “T-girl” writing a blog for those reading it because of your sexual identity I suppose this is correct.
    You are way more then just a sexualized toy. I believe there is nothing wrong with being highly sexual and identifying with that sensibility but clearly you are a rare and gifted woman of deep capacity to understand and possess obvious intellect (both of these characteristics are high on my list for what is attractive along with your quick humor and insight). You are strikingly beautiful in the context of what we all look at but what really makes you beautiful is what I see beyond what I look at.
    This all makes you “an even more desirable sex object”. You make me feel sensualized mentally and the physical desire only follows this.
    Thankfully I am not at all the norm. Pain in life is sometimes greater for me then most but my satisfaction in seeing beauty others miss is well worth the favorable imbalance.
    I think T.G. women are often more appealing to me then the “G-girls” because they have had a much more deliberate path to their identity and have no ambivalence as to who they are. Fighting for an identity yields a very clear and deliberate connection as opposed to the serendipitous reality for most of us.
    I know a Chinise Wall of personal emotional safety needs to be maintained between you and those you encounter on a professional basis or it would simply be impossible to know who matters and who does not in terms of your emotional currency.
    I enjoy a different opportunity. I get to feel a real (at least its real for me) sense of connection and my conversation and connection with you is as valuable as any lustful gratification.
    You Dear Lady are way more then simply a desirable sex object!

    • And You Dear Sir are way more than the usual Tgirl admirer! Thank you so, so much for your kind and thoughtful words. Joy

      • When 1 see’s through a camera lens,can see whatin its view, and snap that shot, of life, of it self in that moment of time,
        Expression in the mirror, are more reflected, even more to when one looks at themselves.
        The projection of takeing a snap shot, in the mirror reveals, more then ever, you have 2 changes going on, the present of the action, and the timeing of the action.
        when 1 seems to sater longer then usual in the mirror, it seems to cause Inbalance of timeing, when takeing a snap shot, showing some in securitys, of maybe views or settings.
        Our reflection of time, is for that moment , as it is for our shadows we see on the walls and the payments we walk on and sand and beaches.
        There is alot of confuseing, in Portriats , that are not painted, and can cause in directions, and very much physcoligical , concerns , when 1 views anothers Pictures.
        they can percieve it as they want to, yet is realy what the Subject intened to look like or to be.
        So there are differences, with in relfections from a Camera, and a mirror……
        A photo graph can tell it all, and bring life and character to it all……
        What is realy remarkable is the state of mind of the Illusions and graphics and colors, and fashion Involved.
        Someone who is a proffesional Photographer, can see the difference to all.
        Someone who is of the average, person can only see what is presented in the setting and lighting, of the Picture.
        What we see in our selves, can be beautiful, yet what we see out side of our selves can have great effects, to our thinking and life styles.
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a subject , that poses, can controll, what they want their viewers, to see, with fashion and revealing different parts of their forms of their bodys… and positions and settings.
        Nudity poses are most common, to show peacefulness, and sexual orientation, of events to take place, or fantasys, can see so much of it all, with greatly expressions, and freedom….
        Some viewers may find it very disturbing, or some may find it very loveing.
        I find nudity poses, beautiful, and peaceful, has a sexual phase ….
        yet can leave to the immagination of the mind in so many different directions.
        Sexual Idenitys are usaly hidden with in ones body and heart, and soul.
        We all have a transformation, with in us, to our feelings, and wants and needs.
        Sometimes when we look in the mirror we see different, because of what we see of others.
        So some try to blend in the same Immage, as others, yet I feel its beeter to have your own immage, that reflect all of you, in honesty and freely.
        I dentiy crisis is very common in the TG World, comes with Pain, Guilt, Love, Joy, Fear, Faith.
        So its a matter of createing a balance with in that person , to be what they feel to be all the time or just some of the time, its a long road, to be on yet end the end it can be very beautiful and loveing…..
        For me, being Who i’am inside and out is everything, for I do not judge, yet I dont want to be judge niether, for all i’am to me.
        Yet , that part who judges and labels, are causeing so many illusions, of confusion, actualy with in them selves, so it causeing them, severe actions, in their state of mind., so let hen run wild with it, your the one who will feel all to be and beautiful and happy overall……
        Desires are seen , to be hidden, yet if you notice very exceptable in fantasys, and illusions….
        For someone to to desire another, must feel , something to the relfections that is shown with in their eyes.
        For Love or Lust or both……
        Some love to be desireable as a sex object, for publicity, attention ect. there are some, in pictures, not realy wanting be a sex object to a viewer, only to show,attractivness, and beauty.
        yet it is mistakeing as well, in another direction, to individuals, who only see, you as a sex object period.
        This world is changeing as 1 of my new songs I’am working on, called a changeing world.
        These are my views and feelings, To these actions, that were presented, Thank You………. zarkye

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