Like a Virgin: I Wish!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Who knows if I’ll ever actually get married? To be legit in a lot of places, I’d have to have a sex-change first. In the meantime, a girl who was born a boy can play make-believe bride all she likes, right? And without the heavy commitment of real wedding vows!

“Blushing bride” is the fantasy I play most and best. With a little bit of help from my giggling girlfriends — I mean, bride’s maids!  We get my hair done, try on gowns….  And all my intimate apparel must be in the purest white, of course.

For in this fantasy, this one-act play, I’m always a virgin!

It brings back the most delightful, almost childlike, memories: recalling the anticipation as much as the act!  To be fucked for the very first time in my Tgirl pussy (i.e., my ass!).  I knew it would be painful probably; how much, I had no idea.  Would the designated groom be gentle, a good teacher?

Anxiety mixed with excitement is an erotic elixir!   And what innocent sense of wonder: would I discover such pleasure as I never knew before, so that henceforth I could never be fucked enough?

The answer is obviously a resounding yes!  That’s why, even though proud slut that I am, I’ll still always be a make-believe virgin!