Like a Virgin: I Wish!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Who knows if I’ll ever actually get married? To be legit in a lot of places, I’d have to have a sex-change first. In the meantime, a girl who was born a boy can play make-believe bride all she likes, right? And without the heavy commitment of real wedding vows!

“Blushing bride” is the fantasy I play most and best. With a little bit of help from my giggling girlfriends — I mean, bride’s maids!  We get my hair done, try on gowns….  And all my intimate apparel must be in the purest white, of course.

For in this fantasy, this one-act play, I’m always a virgin!

It brings back the most delightful, almost childlike, memories: recalling the anticipation as much as the act!  To be fucked for the very first time in my Tgirl pussy (i.e., my ass!).  I knew it would be painful probably; how much, I had no idea.  Would the designated groom be gentle, a good teacher?

Anxiety mixed with excitement is an erotic elixir!   And what innocent sense of wonder: would I discover such pleasure as I never knew before, so that henceforth I could never be fucked enough?

The answer is obviously a resounding yes!  That’s why, even though proud slut that I am, I’ll still always be a make-believe virgin!

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

3 responses to “Like a Virgin: I Wish!

  1. Why should you be forced into a full sex-change, just so you can get married. It is time society started treating everyone as equals it is 2013 not 1913. Everyone has the right to be happy no matter who they are or what their sexuality or gender and it is time for change.

  2. I agree, times are changeing in this world as we know of, yet what is to be, the real question? or should reality stay as it is………Our choices we make, should not be by pressure, yet of our true feelings , from with in. Society has away of changeing/ the pictures we show, to their views only.
    why thery are looking at a picture in their way, we are already takeing another.

  3. When 2 decide thats what they both realy want is to be together as in hand and marriage, then notheing should not matter to both partys, if they truly love eachother, and want to have a beautiful life, together.

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