The Idea of a Woman

What color are my panties?

What style and color are my panties?

My girlfriend Stephanie is vacating the apartment we once shared on the Lower East Side, so what to do with all my stuff I left behind when I moved to Europe last year?  I don’t remember what’s there exactly — probably lots of fashionable clothes that immediately became unfashionable the week after I bought them.  Plus tons of old underwear, pantyhose, camisoles and such.

But I don’t want to tell Steph to simply toss them in the trash, for they’re money in the bank!  Like Bitcoins, a form of international currency!! And like vintage collectibles, the older and more worn, the more valuable they seem to be!!!

I’ve had some experience with men in the past fantasizing about — and fetishizing — my undies, but only recently have I come to understand what an incredible business opportunity they represent.

When I worked as an escort, guys would sometimes bring me lingerie to wear while we had sex, and then take it back home with them as a trophy of sorts.  And one guy, a regular, would wear panties himself to our encounter, then take them off, ask me to then put them on; afterwards, he would use them to masturbate in.  Feeling the silky softness around his shaft was infinitely more fun, I guess, than feeling it deep down my throat.

I’m not being critical or judgmental.  For I’ve often cum in my own panties myself.  When I use a vibrator, in fact, it just feels somehow sexier to leave my panties on.  Anyway….

Over the last few months a bunch of Facebook friends/followers/fans have offered big bucks for items from my lingerie chest.  I don’t even have to freshly wash them — the more spoiled, apparently the better!  I’m beginning to think I’m sitting (both literally and figuratively) on a gold mine!

Come to think about it, maybe the intimates I wear — conveying the idea of me — is so much better than the reality of me.  Hosiery, thongs and bikinis never bitch and complain, never need selfish satisfaction.  They exist just for your pleasure….yours alone.

So take my poll and send me a offer…. opening bid on my bright orange thong, for example, starts at $50!

Like a Virgin: I Wish!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Girlfriends make the truest co-conspirators!

Who knows if I’ll ever actually get married? To be legit in a lot of places, I’d have to have a sex-change first. In the meantime, a girl who was born a boy can play make-believe bride all she likes, right? And without the heavy commitment of real wedding vows!

“Blushing bride” is the fantasy I play most and best. With a little bit of help from my giggling girlfriends — I mean, bride’s maids!  We get my hair done, try on gowns….  And all my intimate apparel must be in the purest white, of course.

For in this fantasy, this one-act play, I’m always a virgin!

It brings back the most delightful, almost childlike, memories: recalling the anticipation as much as the act!  To be fucked for the very first time in my Tgirl pussy (i.e., my ass!).  I knew it would be painful probably; how much, I had no idea.  Would the designated groom be gentle, a good teacher?

Anxiety mixed with excitement is an erotic elixir!   And what innocent sense of wonder: would I discover such pleasure as I never knew before, so that henceforth I could never be fucked enough?

The answer is obviously a resounding yes!  That’s why, even though proud slut that I am, I’ll still always be a make-believe virgin!