You Sexy THING You

Leder Leggings!  How cool (how hot!) are they!!  From a fashionably chic shop in Switzerland.

Leder Leggings! How cool (how hot!) are they!! From a fashionably chic shop in Switzerland.

Am I a person or a fetish?  A human or a thing?

Without leather leggings (as pictured) — not to mention the matching thong and demi-bra — do I even exist?  Snug leather (once animal first-, now human second-skin) is not the only clothing fetish, of course.

Your basic bra-and-pantie set are enough to ignite intensely yearning desire in some men; real, alive women are not even needed to fill the undergarments; just to finger them and touch them is apparently sufficient.  (The cum stains found on these garments afterwards attest to the validity of this not unscientific observation.)

So when I don a male admirer’s requested (and requisite) black mesh hose and garter belt and stiletto heels, I realize that what I have between my legs, so out of place on a real woman, is like a fetishized garment too.  As much as the hose and the heels and garter, he wants my male genitals to be there — even if I do not.

If only I could unscrew them and take them off and place them gingerly in my lingerie chest when, satiated, he leaves….

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3 responses to “You Sexy THING You

  1. John

    OMG! You are the object of desire not the garments! I am sure they are unbelievable on you but you are not “a thing” you are not “a fetish” you are a rare and beautiful sensual woman and what you have between your legs does not in any way reduce a mans desire (unless they are a fat mess)! I for one want you so bad it hurts and what you have is awesome to me I think because I am more confident in how to make you feel good but either way I would love to be what you have between your legs! To give you pleasure would be intensely satisfying for me.
    I have learned that my attraction to a women is not about genitalia it is about that undefinable quality that makes a women a woman and you sweet lady are the real deal and my ideal of what a desirable sensual intelligent beautiful women is all about. You don’t need but you want, you think you don’t follow, you make others laugh (me for sure and I am sure others as well) and don’t just humor them, you are independent not dependent. There are few men who can handle a real and evolved women, I find “the way you are” is sooooo hot regardless of your attire.
    Is this really the way some men behave and treat you? How can people be so blind and shitty!
    I hope this is not TMI but it kills me that you don’t consider yourself “a real woman”. You are all woman believe me!

  2. But I LIKE being a sexy thing!

  3. John

    I have no doubt that you like being a sexy thing. You need not worry about that as you are indeed a VERY, VERY sexy “thing” but your intense sexual appeal is a reflection of more then simply a pleasant place (body) on which to view undergarments. You are the real deal and you should know that! There are many pretty ladies but you are a beautiful awesome women with great value anywhere not just behind closed doors. I hope you really do get that.

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