My Mystery Lover at 30,000 Feet

mile_high_club_stewardess_1__36829_zoomHow can it be? How can it be that the man who gave me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced remains unknown to me? Ah, to be ravished by a total stranger, that’s exciting enough…but more…there’s so much more to the story. Or perhaps I should say “less.”

For he never even touched me! And only afterwards did I see him. I just had to see his face. Who was this “masked” man?

So I tapped him on the shoulder, as we were all standing up in the aisle, after the eight-hour transatlantic flight, to file out of the airplane. He turned his head. I smiled, and mouthed, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” He blushed. Only then, it seemed, did he realize the pleasure he had given me — my phantom pilot.

To fly, to soar, to spread my wings (and legs) — with my phantom pilot at the controls. That’s what had happened high above the dark ocean — maybe Iceland — as the sun would soon rise over the coast of France.

But, actually, my phantom pilot was only nominally in control. I had planned it all, down to the last detail. My pleasure had been premeditated. I knew exactly what I wanted: to make a long-anticipated fantasy come true.

It started with how I decided to dress that day, well before the taxi came to take me to JFK. I usually don’t wear flouncey skirts, but anything too tight might have revealed the bulge in my crotch. The bulge wouldn’t have been from my residual cock (we so-called shemales are well practiced in disguising that!). Rather, it was the sextoy called “The Scorpion,” strapped to the furtherest reaches of my upper thighs. (For a complete description of The Scorpion’s magicial properties, please see earlier blog post “My New Best Friend.”)

I was in control.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  He was totally unaware — just a tool, an extension (literally) of my sextoy.  Man as sextoy: I like that!



My New Best Friend

scorpiontattooToday, boys and girls, the subject is sextoys.

My newest best friend is a Scorpion! That’s the name for the most incredibly pleasureable sextoy I’ve ever enjoyed, and only now  just discovered. It straps between my legs at the furtherest reaches of my upper thighs. Its curved tail reaches around to tickle my bottom. Its head and pinchers clasp my clit (an extra big “clit,” as you well know, given my pre-opt condition).

Then — and here’s the very best part — from the scorpion itself runs a long wire, perhaps a meter or a yard in total length. At the other end of the wire is the master control switch, which with the mere flick of a finger or thumb commands the scropion tail and pinchers to vibrate madly. Depending upon the mood of whoever’s fingers control the master switch, the vibration is set at a high, medium, or low speed.

“Designed by a woman for women!” The advertisement must be true.

My fantasy — and one that I seriously intend to act out very shortly — is to have strapped the scorpion on underneath my panties and skinny jeans when I next board an airplane. Once seated and airborne, Ill hand my traveling companion the scorpion control knob.

This will arguably give him almost as much pleasure as I — to be in control and to experience vicariously at least the kind of sextoy-induced pleasure that girls only are privilege to know. (Doing it in a public place helps, too!)

For my newest profound thought, or philosophical thesis, is that men are limited in their self-gratification to visual images, evidenced especially in porn. This makes sense, since the objects (yes, accept the fact, we girls are objects!) of men’s desire are physically separate — and thus must be seen in order to be then taken, possessed, devoured…or whatever.

For girls, on the other hand….

The precise moment when I knew what womanhood probably meant was when I closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the need to be touched — and, most especially, filled!  That’s what happiness is!

I didn’t need to see any pictures, pornographic or otherwise, visualizing myself as a sex object. A sextoy, instead, awakened the woman within.

To be sexually excited…oh-so excited…I just needed a vibrating dildo…blessing me so: Just to close my eyes and feel the feeling…feel the filling!

And so it is now: Oh, how I love you, my scorpion!


Championship Training

Getting Ready for the World Championship

I find the whole idea of a world championship for cock sucking incredibly, gloriously erotic. Why not? The world, at least the Western world, is full of infinite possibilities, and there’s equal opportunity for all women, even me.

Whenever I’m on my knees now (and it’s often), I make believe I’m Claudia. Not Lady Gaga or Britney — my new heroine and latest role model is Claudia. Her fame is not due to mere beauty or luck, but is justly based on merit and perseverance. I believe if I practice a lot and work hard, just as I’m doing now while kneeling before a brand new cock, working on my basic bob and slide, I can become just like her.

Claudia, according to a dispatch from a Romanian newspaper widely reported on the Web, is the winner of the first Oral Sex World Championships. Competitors from all over the globe attended the event at a Black Sea spa. An all-male jury awarded Claudia the $1,000 first-place crown. Their decision was based on “speed” and “artistic merit” in two rounds titled “technical” and “freestyle.”

At first, when I read this, I chuckled, as most readers did, I’m sure. But, ever since, I haven’t been able to get it out of my pretty, come-sucking head — a head no longer chuckling, but giggling and giddy. I’m jealous! Like Claudia, I want to be internationally recognized for my abilities (at least all the guys tell me I’m able)!

The purity of it all excites me: cock sucking for the sake of cock sucking, in and of itself, having absolutely nothing to do with love or any other emotion that might get in the way of technique and performance. But think about the bonding going on between the cock sucking performer, the anonymous owner of the succulent cock, and the observing audience! It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime, life-altering experiences when minds, not just bodies, truly connect. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The idea of it alone is enough. I can’t think of a better expression of eroticism.

I want to be Claudia! The epiphany pops into my head at the exact moment when I’m licking the underside shaft of my latest prize of a penis. Or if not Claudia, at least second-place finisher, shedding genuine tears of happiness for the winning girl. Instead of a crown, I could then wear a tight T-shirt, with my hard nipples poking the fabric, flaunting the fact: “Miss Fellatio World. First Runner-up.” The mind boggles with all the fresh cock I would attract.

My lover has no idea what’s going through my head as I’m giving head. That’s part of the fun of it; I remain a mystery to him. He, on the other hand, is totally exposed, vulnerable to my every tongue-flickering whim. I know exactly what he’s thinking; he tells me so. Even taciturn men feel compelled to talk to me when my mouth is full. While I’m sucking like a vacuum cleaner, they are spitting out appreciative, flattering words:

“Look up at me while you’re sucking, bitch. I want to see your gorgeous, fluttering lashes and grateful, smiling eyes while your sexy lips are around my cock.”

They ask questions: “You like to suck cock, don’t you? You’re just a cock-sucking cunt, aren’t you? Tell me, cunt, isn’t this the best cock you’ve ever tasted? You can’t get enough of my fat, juicy cock, can you? You don’t want to ever stop sucking, do you, bitch?”

Of course, I can only answer with my head — a vigorous nod or a swaying shake. Those well-executed head motions just add to the cock owner’s pleasure. And it is his pleasure, after all, that brings me mine.

Actually, what I want him to tell me is how I’m doing — a real critical review. Vague praise is meaningless: “This is the best blow job ever…Slut, you suck so fine…” Blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard it all before. What I crave — besides cock, of course — is brutal honesty. And the more detailed the critique, the better.

Unfortunately, most suckees are hopeless in this regard. All they care about is “shooting me a pearl necklace” or whether or not I’ll “swallow.” They’re so ecstatic just to get a blow job, they don’t really notice, much less appreciate, my truly expert level of keenly honed presentation.

Do they consider the pronounced, feminine arc of my back and butt while kneeling (evolutionary biologists call this “the fertility curve”)? Can they award points for the dexterous way my hand moves at the base of the shaft, so it’s synchronized with all my various mouth actions at the most sensitive tip? Are they connoisseurs of how even the eloquent (dainty, yet firm) grip of my hand ensures that my finely French-manicured nails are showing? Are they closely observing the vigorous, quick tempo of my acrobatic tongue, lip, and neck movements, as calorie-burning as my aerobics class — without my face working up even one tiny bead of perspiration, much less ruining my makeup (except my lipstick, of course)?