Bloggy, Soggy, and Sexy


A “real blog,” according to a recent article in The New York Times, is one that “reflects one voice, is essentially unedited, and causes the writer to experience butterflies of anxiety as she hits the publish button.”

Sounds like how I feel whenever I drop to my knees and unzip a stranger.

Also sounds like how I feel every time I venture out of the house in the shortest and snuggest of short shorts!

Fashion. Sex. And Blogging.

All three have the same goal, now that my bimbo brain is forced to think about it:

To make you — dearest reader/stranger — hard!  So, so hard, and thus so, so indescribably yummy.

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

29 responses to “Bloggy, Soggy, and Sexy

  1. I could never write and just publish; I’d be called illiterate in no time! 😉

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