Tribute to a Selfie

He must love me!

….more expressive than words?

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but…

When a fan sent me a so-called Tribute Picture – my recent blog’s photographic image splattered with his cum – I found it a bit of a turn-on. No, not as much of a turn-on as he had no doubt felt (unlike my mystery man, I didn’t ejaculate!), but still…. Yes, I could sense my Big Clitty stiffening slightly against my fashionably tight-fitted leggings.

Why, I wonder?

I’m not being kissed, not being fondled, not even hearing sweet nothings whispered in my ear.  Moreover, except for his digital moniker and Facebook image, I don’t even know who he is.  Tall, dark and handsome?  I haven’t a clue.

And yet…and yet…we’re now lovers of a sort, aren’t we, my admirer and me?

I guess back in the day of girlie magazines, the models fully expected the printed pages of their photographic poses to be splattered with sperm — splashed and smudged by readers ranging from teenaged virgins to dirty old men.  But these girls never actually saw the physical result.  Today everything is different….

Maybe the Tribute Picture is the natural, inevitable companion of the Selfie.  Both shot alone, now together at last.  True love in this digital age!

Yes, he must love me!

Yes, he must truly love me!

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

37 responses to “Tribute to a Selfie

  1. Cunning Linguist

    These tributes are be-cumming more common, especially on the more adult oriented sites. I suppose I have be-cum (OK, enough with the forced puns now, I promise) jaded about it all as I look at the tribute and think “That’s it? Did some of it miss the mark or was that all there was?!?” I suppose some may take a hard look at this sort of expression, think it may be erecting some social growth, spurting an outcry of “Foul! Indecent!” indignation (OK, I lied a bit, way more puns there, but that’s it, I swear now!). Hey, at least he got it off his chest. And onto yours. A little anyways. 🙂

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  19. I will admit to having done a couple of those, with the subject’s permission, and sent it back only to them. To me it is high praise, an intimate act over the distance of the internet, a shared moment. Perhaps the best one was when she sent me the picture and I had the opportunity to give her tribute at that very moment (a printer and privacy were both in supply). She got it back and said she giggled and squirmed all afternoon. High Praise indeed.

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  22. that’s so friggin funny – great summation of this world we have created – and so nice too – I reckon you need to start a collection-atleast a seperate specific folder for storing these conquest to reminisce with and also for comparison and bragging rights as well…
    You could also place comments with the image to remind yourself the feelings you got when you first copped it. You know open up your image and then bang there it is your mouth of cum and obviously the photo shows the cum had slowly dried off on your face – meaning it was such a great fuck that he needed a rest before the photo was taken – or it could be like what a little a prick this guy was when clealry the photo shows that the first powerful shot missed going to the straight down the back of your throat with you mouth wide open – but rather you copped it straight in the eye -such a prick!)……you know just personal details that the 2 of you would know and maybe could then reconnect with in the future…..Hey you could also take it further -send him your image back and photoshop yourself sucking his dick begging for more…

    Fuck me! i always thought these cyber beauties would be revolted by an annoynmous hit -but the way you describe it has inspired me to spread some love. The time has come for me to grow up – no longer should i be such a selfish lazy fucker-rather times to connect and give some love back — the possibilities are endless..

    “Yes, I could sense my Big Clitty stiffening slightly against my fashionably tight-fitted leggings.”

    Wow thats such a great repsonse to a personal tribute-im lovin it

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