The Facebook Effect


Sex Objects or Zombies?

Sex Objects or Zombies?

To say I’m a sex object is like admitting I’m a zombie.  Not an oxymoron exactly, but how can an object have self-knowledge?  How can it even know that it’s an object?  As for zombies, one of the classic definitions is “bereft of consciousness and self-awareness.”   Just an animated corpse, right?  I don’t know why I’m going on a riff about zombies when the subject (and object!) is sex, but anyway….

Hey, babe, how R U?  “Ping” goes the sound signaling a new instant message on my laptop. So annoying:  I must get hundreds a day, and if I try just ignoring them, the senders’ desire only intensifies and the pings grow more insistent.

Woke up thinking of you, baby, my cock so hard.  Another ping, different sender.

Bisou chère!  Yet another ping.  Anyway….

Most of my friends and followers are guys, of course.  “Followers” – that sounds so creepy, doesn’t it?  But no, surely it’s a positive thing, this term, with a meaning more like fans than stalkers.  And my fan base is truly global.  Anyway….

I don’t have a bimbo’s clue how it all works, with its computerized algorithms and whatnot.  All I know is that it does works.  Facebook, I’m talking about.  Just to take my smartphone and snap a self-shot in the bathroom mirror and post it on my timeline – saying something fatuous like, “In my new demi-bra and matching panty from Victoria’s Secret getting ready for work….” – and suddenly I have a score of new friend requests.

I want to ravish you!  Another message goes ping.

Yes, I admit it, I’ve fashioned myself into a sex object.  If that’s what it takes to get attention, then, yes, I proudly proclaim: I’m a sex object!  Plus, I must confess that it’s an incredibly good sensation — to know I’m so desired — as if I’m having sex 24/7.  It makes you feel so alive, truly alive, just the opposite of a silly zombie, right?

Already, in the six months I’ve been on Facebook, I have over 4,000 friends and thousands more followers.  I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if only I had gotten on Facebook sooner.  But like a lot of women who preferred to use their leisure time curled up with a good novel or flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, I had smugly scorned the whole notion of what’s called “social media.”  Which seemed to have about much relevance to my real life as a zombie (there’s that word again!) or something equally outlandish.

Now everything has changed….

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Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

10 responses to “The Facebook Effect

  1. Sooooooo true, my 1st 10 days were exactly this…….bliss, enchantment, the feeling of being desired!!! But the joy of thinking people’s intentions are good 🙂

    & day eleven…vulgar msgs, reported for being someone I posted wasn’t me, reported for god knows what & by god knows who!!!
    Is it worth it????
    Don’t think so, gr8 business but not social engagement xx

  2. Rod Hunter

    Although my comments are almost always sexual innuendos, I really try to keep them clean enough to be respectful but at the same time making it very clear what it is I’m thinking about. I guess I’m just a very horny gentleman.

  3. Iris

    You have such potential as a writer honey, why is it you don’t have your own website? I was searching the internet and realized your only main source is wordpress. Do you have anything published? Fan.

    • Iris/Fan, Thanks so much for your kind words. yes, I’ve been published in various print anthologies, collections of essays and erotica…. And working now on a memoir that I hope to get published soon. You want to be my agent!?! teehee

      • iris

        Joy, I may have some interested publishers for your works, but knowing those so well….may I suggest you establish a independent website of your own. My advice, those in the media and publication industry will take you more seriously…..I work for one, and when they are interested with various authors they take everything into consideration. Impression plays a major role. That is the only way you will definitely succeed. Yes, if you can send me your agent email address would appreciate it.

  4. Iris

    Hi Joy

    Well honey, I gave you a one time opportunity and it’s unfortunate I did not hear from you. My editor was looking for some writers, today was the deadline. I hope I was going to receive your agent information. But i received no response. All the best.

    • Iris, sorry, I didn’t reply in time apparently…I have a 9-to-5 job in addition to my writing, etc…in addition, I’ve already promised a woman in Canada named Victoria my website if I ever have time to focus on doing it properly. Again, so so sorry, and I do so appreciate your interest in my work. Joy

  5. What about girls like us that are looking for a mentor? Are they as many as the male candidate wanting to “connect” with you over social media? Are you giving them as much attention as to the men?

    • Wonderful questions! Yes, sisters connect all the time, but not as much as the so-called trannychasers. And i love sharing what I know from my own experiences, everything from estrogen dosages to hair styles. I like the name of your blog!

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