To Be Transsexual in the Time of Trump

Remember all the political turmoil over gender neutral access to public restrooms…and politically correct terms like “cisgirl” and “they”… it might be why Hillary lost! Anyway, it all seems soso yesterday now that Donald J. Trump is the U.S. President elect!


He can grab my pussy anytime! That’s what a lot of my transsexual girlfriends, say.  Giggling,  they’d love the surprise he’d find.

But if not Trump himself, a lot of his followers/voters love shemales…that’s what they call pre-op transsexual women — shemales.  So non-PC, the more politically incorrect, the better.  Shemales for Trump!

It’s curious, isn’t it?  The more right-wing a guy is, the more likely he’s into special girls with “something extra.”  That’s been my girlfriends’ experience, anyway.  I wonder why that is?

Maybe it’s because transwomen spend inordinate amounts of time and effort trying to become as feminine as possible… just to please their man… definitely not radical feministas, as Rush Limbaugh might say…. plus they’re more likely to be especially submissive and not fight back, no matter what a guy wants to do to us… and they candidly say they love, absolutely love to be bossed around and told to get on your knees, you fucking cunt, and suck my cock!

Who cares why right-wingers love shemales so much, they say….  What’s important is simply this: For the Time of Trump means good times for shemales!!!  And that means so much more cock for them to suck!  Yummy, yummy, yummy, so much cum in my tummy. 

Can’t wait until January Inauguration Day!  (Hard in anticipation are their Big Clitties.)