New Year Resolutions

sexy_happy_new_year_2008_shirtToo bad it’s not Leap Year. Then the number would be 366 — not 365. The number of sex partners I resolve to have in the upcuming year!

Or should my resolution be simply to return triumphantly to the annual Oral Sex World Championship? And this time bring back a Gold! Not a mere “second runner-up” title.

Only teasing….

For, alas, we’ve all seen the spectacle of too many Olympic-level athletes compete well past their prime. As for the number of my fuck partners, I’ve reached the age when quality is definitely more important than sheer quantity. I wouldn’t mind having sex at least once a day for the next 365 days, of course; but I’d like to be able to remember the name (the real name, too!) of the individual person behind each unique cock I suck.

So maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be to go ahead and commit to one special cock — that is, get married! Me as┬áthe blushing bride!

How sexy! Even sexier, maybe, would be for me to write the Greatest Memoir of all time. And each one of these blog entries is like one (sometimes tiny)┬ásuckable cock on the way to my ultimate goal….