Getting My Attention

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.  Now what?

Now that I’ve got your attention (short shorts never fail!), the question becomes:

How do you get my attention?  That is, how do you get my Big Clitty hard and my would-be cunt wet and wanting to know more?

Catcalls — or the instant message equivalent (“Whassup, sexy!”) — may be flattering but don’t do much to distinguish you from the horny herd.

“Where you from, you sexy thang….”   That pickup line is as old as the rock lyrics.  Even less imaginative: “How R U?”

I’m not about to presume to tell you guys how to do your job, but here’re some gentle suggestions:

Engage my mind.  Tease me with your wit.  Make me curious to want to know you more.

Of course, you can always buy me a gift.  For good girls like me, guilt never fails as a motivator.  Maybe I won’t end up saying “yes,” but at least I’ll pay attention.

About Joy Saint James

Day job in Big Banking. Elsewhere I'm @ScholarlySlut, whose essays and erotica have appeared in various print anthologies and websites. Email:

12 responses to “Getting My Attention

  1. I’m in complete agreeance about how important engaging the mind is. Love the way you delivered the message with honesty and humor. I snickered because you are dead on!

  2. Kitt, have you ever written any long-form stuff?

  3. Giveing the right attention, is real, from the heart and body and soul.
    Saying hi or i just drop by to say hi, means checking In, of curiositys.
    Which is ok, over all, a gift of feelings , of the mind and heart, and body, can be all the attention ever needed. Compassion Compliaments:
    Example: hi, wow you are sweet, i bet your, very loveable, and you are so attractive, I loveyour eyes, and your smile, very loveing to all of you.
    i hope all is going well for , you, would love to get to know you, better, if you like, let me know, thanks, its nice to meet you….
    Those are rewarded: Attention. of gifts of compassion, of the Mind and Body and Heart.
    With honesty, and truth, to feel from with in, the heart and soul.
    pick up lines are just what they are, on the lines, , real pick up lines are In between the lines.
    As lovely as you are Joy, in all respects, the attention you get is great, and you are very well deserveing to it all, Sincerely zarkye 2013

  4. bob sacomanus

    When I look at your pictures, you make it hard for me to concentrate on anything else..when I read your writings, you make it hard for me to want to read anything else. And at the end of the day as I think about you…you always make it hard for me…

  5. Spot on Joy xx

    p.s. Wassa nice girl like you doin’ in a p[lace like this?
    p.p.s. show us ya tits.
    p.p.p.s. Have I now got your attention?

  6. Al

    I admit I have few skills here. I do know that a guy with a line sounds so fake I often get embarrassed form them.
    It is interesting to note that the very things that make you so damn desirable are the things you state you want from guys! You state “Engage my mind. Tease me with your wit. Make me curious to want to know you more.” These are the very things that make you so intensely appealing! You give us (certainly me) a state of constant arousal and intellectual stimulation! Sex is supremely satisfying and great but it has a beginning and an end. Your humor and intellect are infinite and that is rare and delicious! What I want is sex and the things that keep one interesting after the orgasm. I guess that would be good fore and good after play! Your hard clitty and you deep thinking. OK I’m hard!

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